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The concept of the Oracleknights project

A sticking plaster, compass, the strong string and an empty bottle.

When I was a child, I loved the fantasy world, like putting so many varieties of stuffs into the bag, mysteriously getting ready to jump out to the different world anytime.

And even playing with my sister, I was dreaming of "going to this world" or"wanna be this character" whenever watching the movies, reading novels, animetions or playing the games.

And here I am, still having those dreams.

We all have a limited time of our lives and it's free how to voyage your ocean.

One day you will arrive at the harbor and close your eyes.

Wouldn’t you wanna be filled up with fun memories?

Touching many stories in many different world.

In the choice of dilemma or trouble, being related to someone.

Even flapping of faint butterfly have possibility to change something somewhere.

I was trying so hard to go to the opposite side of the world, but hey! I decided to call up by creating those world!

I truly believe that those tiny little adventures make your life fulfill and give you some surprises while you are living.

Like seeds of some ideas of small oracles or miracles, which have come up to me.

By raising the new entertainment which hasn’t existed yet and can have unforgettable experience and can be immersed,

I would like to protect that with my wonderful friends-the knights who have loyalty to those thoughts.

I put those thoughts to the name of Oracleknight.

What if I could spend some happy time with someone who are like friends and hanging on somewhere while we are living.

I’d like to fill the time of the memory with the energy of trying to reach the longing which has never changed since I was a child.

There is nothing more than like this precious trip.

Manna Sakuraba / 桜庭 未那
After planning over 2 years, she got to put a self planned play called “Jinrou the live playing theater” on the stage on October in 2012. It has been performed by 35 programs(total of 350 perfomances) only within 4 years! As a general producer, she raised this play as such a popular one and now it collaborates with animations, comic books or a theme park, was invited by some film festivals. Like combining the play and werewolf game, she is the creator of new era and she is excelled in new ideas such as the audiences participation type, always dedicated the audiences’s perspective and build immersive world.


Tomohiro Sasaki / 佐々木智広

Play writer, director, game screenwriter. From Koyo, Uji-city. Graduated from Ritumeikan University. While he was a university student, he belonged to a theatrical company called “Gekkousha” After graduating, he joined TOSE, participated in computer games projects and scenario.

In 1998, he received the prize of CESA special jury award. Though he is a game screenwriter who doesn’t belong to any agencies, he formed “Afro13” with Satomi Nakatani, who is the member of the theatrical company called “ Gekidan☆Shinkansen” and doing some performance activities.

At the present time, he does some performance activities also work as a filmmaker.


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